Welcome to the pages of a unique international project of art. The idea to organize art workshops for hospitals and other medical facilities goes back to 1992, and the following year the first international meeting of German and Czech sculptors was held.

It was in fact the first international sculptors’ symposium in the Czech Republic after 1989, when so called Eastern Europe freed itself from the occupation by the Soviet army and the communist influence. It was the turning point in all areas of political and cultural life for millions of people in the whole Europe.
This project could never have come into being under a totalitarian system for one simple reason: communism could not tolerate free art and it aimed at having all civic activities under control. Impressionism, cubism and surrealism were the styles of art considered undesirable by communists and the only one acceptable style of art was socialist realism. Lack of freedom in art forced lots of exceptional artists to go into exile to be able to work freely. Those artists are being internationally acclaimed nowadays.
The fifty- year long oppression made a deep impression on people’s understanding of art. This project has started to make up for the loss of contact in art, help people understand contemporary art and continue the unique tradition of sculpture  and painting of the past generations, living and working in this country and abroad.
In the past eighteen years international symposia of art have been organized on a yearly basis and we have achieved a lot. This project has presented various art styles from many countries towards the end of the twentieth century and at the beginning of the twenty-first. In addition to this it makes it possible for thousands of hospitals’ visitors to see the works of art, which are generally pieces that cannot be found anywhere else in the Czech Republic. In fact this project is the largest art gallery in this country.
Hundreds of statues, objects of art, paintings, drawings and graphics decorate Czech hospitals and other facilities abroad. Thousands of patients and their relatives and friends attend each of them. The works of art are thus seen by thousands of people, which undoubtedly educates and delights them.
The uniqueness of this project is based on the fact that participating artists come to support the idea of this project and are willing to offer their works of art for free. Very few hospitals would be able to afford to buy their works.
Our project makes it possible for them to display these works of art as long as they are able to ensure security and cover installation fees of the works of art.
Finally we can say that the meetings of top artists from all around the world in Vejprty in Krusne hory (the Ore Mountains) have become a new tradition, which shows that real art can be created even outside big cities. Now Vejprty has become a meeting point of acclaimed contemporary artists.
Lastly I would like to thank all those who participate in the project, support and help it in this time which is more and more difficult.
As long as there are hospital directors who care about their health facilities, artists who feel the need to help and make people’s lives more pleasant and those who are willing to support such a project, then this exceptional event will stay alive and attractive.
Petr Hladký
Project organizer